Terms and Conditions

Come to Perth

FYME 2024/2025
FYME Takes You to Australia Vol.1



1.1. This RAFFLE is organized by FYME Pty LTD, an exchange agency based at 152 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000 – Australia. Registered under ACN. 634 702 515.


2.1. Prize 1 – This raffle aims to reward 01 (one) participant with a one-way air ticket to Australia, worth up to AU$2500 (two thousand and five hundred Australian dollars).
2.2. Prize 2 – Similarly, there will be an exclusive draw for candidates referred by Residents (temporary or permanent) in Australia. The winner of this category will be awarded a travel voucher worth $5,000 (five thousand Australian dollars), intended to be used together with the nominated student who has completed the exchange with FYME.
2.3. Prize 3 – And for Residents in Australia who made referrals, there will be a draw for 10 vouchers of $100/each (one hundred Australian dollars).


3.1. Individuals, at least 18 (eighteen) years old, can participate in this RAFFLE.
3.2 To compete for the airfare, participants must meet the following requirement:
a) Enroll in an English Course (General English or proficiency courses such as IELTS, Cambridge, among others) with a minimum duration of 14 weeks at one of the partner schools selected by FYME in Perth.
b) The total amount paid for the 14 weeks of the course will be considered as the participation requirement.
3.3 To compete for the $5,000 (five thousand Australian dollars) travel voucher, participants must meet the following requirement:
a) For Australian residents (permanent or temporary) who wish to nominate people interested in studying in Perth, it is necessary to register in the Who Refers Also Wins promotion section, as described on the promotion’s main page (https://fyme. com.br/venhaparaperth) . After registration, the resident will be provided with a unique link associated with their account, which must be shared with potential interested parties in participating in the exchange. Validation of the nomination will occur when the nominee signs up for the promotion through the link provided by the resident.
b) For those interested in taking part in an exchange program in Australia to be eligible, it is necessary to associate their registration for the promotion with a referral made by a resident in Australia (temporary or permanent). This implies that the candidate must apply for the promotion using a referral link provided by a resident, as stipulated in clause 3.3.(a).
c) The nominee, when registering through a link associated with a resident’s registration, must also comply with the rules established in clauses 3.1 and 3.2.

3.4 To compete for one of the 10 travel vouchers worth $100 (one hundred Australian dollars), participants must meet the following requirements:
a) Register in the Who Refers Also Wins promotion section, which will generate a personalized exclusive link that can be sent to your network contacts.
b) Have at least one referred contact enrolled in the promotion, who must sign a FYME exchange contract as established in clause 3.2.


4.1. The prize is strictly for personal use, non-transferable, and cannot be replaced with another product or service.
4.2. To be eligible to participate in all 3 types of draws, participants must follow all rules established in clause 3 of this document.
4.3. Boarding must take place within 1 (one) year, with the final boarding date on August 31, 2025.

4.4. The ORGANIZER will not be responsible for additional expenses related to flight changes and cancellations.
4.5. The WINNER is responsible for providing all necessary documents required for enrolling in the exchange program and obtaining the Australia Student Visa.
4.6. The WINNER must complete the entire enrollment and Australia Student Visa application process with the ORGANIZER.
4.7. To participate, entrants must follow FYME’s social media accounts:
a) Instagram – @fymecoach
b) Facebook – www.facebook.com/fymecoach/
4.8. To qualify for the promotion, participants must reside outside of Australia during the promotion period.


5.1. The VENHA PARA PERTH campaign starts on March 1/ 2024 and ends on May 31/ 2024.
5.2. The PROMOTION starts on March 1/ 2024, and ends on August 31/ 2024, which is the final deadline for validating enrollment with the minimum payment referred to in clause 3 of this document.
5.3. The final fulfilment deadline for the last stage of the promotion, as per clause 4.3, is August 31, 2025.
5.4. The draw will take place on September 1/2024, and will be live-streamed on FYME’s social media channels/Brisbane team.
5.5. The names of the winners of this PROMOTION will be disclosed and made available on FYME’s social media from September 1/2024, after the draw ends.
5.6. Winners will be notified by email and WhatsApp.
5.7. The winner of the airfare has the option to receive the corresponding ticket value issued by FYME or, if the winner has already purchased a ticket to Australia, the refund will be made within the agreed-upon value of up to AU$2500 (two thousand and five hundred Australian dollars).
5.8. All prizes and vouchers will be delivered within 15 days after the drawn date, and/or according to the travel arrangement and the winner’s availability, respecting the final promotion deadline as per clause 5.3.
5.9. If the winning participant of the airfare and $5k (five thousand Australian dollars) voucher does not meet any of the prerequisites within 7 (seven) working days with the requested information, they will be disqualified, and another draw will be conducted.


6.1. The winner of the promotion declares, from now on, to grant the ORGANIZER the right to use images and sound, without any cost, and definitively, fully and totally, in PHOTOS and VIDEOS to be produced during the use of the prize, for any type of use, publication, reproduction by any means or technique, for the maximum period allowed by law.
6.2. The authorizations described above do not imply any obligation of disclosure or payment of any amount by the ORGANIZER.
6.3. The organizer of the promotion reserves the right to, in case of requests from the involved partner institutions and/or due to external factors, change the draw date and/or the dates related to the promotion.
6.4. The ORGANIZER is not responsible for damages related to changes, exchanges, cancellations.